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:iconyayspainplz: Here are my newest deviations~! Don't be afraid to browse the rest of my gallery, it won't bite <3! :iconyayromanoplz:

Random Favourites

I will place anything and everything I like in my favorites. i mostly place in favorites what I'm obsessed with at the moment.


Undertale: Revenge Cover by Yukai-yami
Undertale: Revenge Cover
So I do a deviation after forever and it's Undertale themed?


This is the cover for my new/only fanfcition for my newest obsession, Undertale. You can read it here:…

Univ's been hitting hard... there's so much fiction I wanna write and so many doodles I wanna digitalize.... -cries in corner-

That Font was a pain to do... did it square by square... and I finally learned to copy/paste on GIMP...sometimes. It doesn't make sense to me, either.

I do not own Undertale. i own a copy and the soundtrack though. AND AN OCEAN OF FEELS.
Countdown to P3P by Yukai-yami
Countdown to P3P
Yay! My little piece to the P3P fan universe!!

...I am NOT part of the Live journal team that makes a new fan art about P3P with eveyday that passes. I found out it existed just yesterday...T.T I wanted to join it...

Anywho, I made this yesterday, but decided to make it for today. I'm soooo psyched!!!! I have my game reserved and everything!!! I can't wait to play as a girl!!! Yay!!!

I don't know if the category I picked to place this fan art on was the right one. The classification method for this website totally confuses poor, small brain...

I'm pretty proud of my work!! ^ ^ I drew Minako/Hamuko/Mshe in what I think would be her swimsuit (though i don't think they ever even show it in the game...). The others are there and I drew in Aigis in the corner, spying on the group. ^^

Boys are TORTURE to draw for me, so I cheated a bit by drawing them in semi-chibi modes!! I can't draw a male to save my life sometimes, but Junpei and Aki came out pretty good here! I'm glad.

...Oh. And that circle thingy on a string on Mitsuru's umbrella was SUPPOSED to be Jack Frost. I drew him from memory and on a whim at the last momments...whims hate me...

The main idea was to have Minako's hand near the edge of the picture, as if she was holding a camera pointed at her and everyone, and it would be a 'Wish you were here' type of picture, but I ripped up mountains of paper on all the erasing io had to do because it wouldn't come out right...

P3P comes out TOMORROW!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit I re-uploaded a digital version.

Edit #2 Uploaded a digital and colorized versión. This...this can't be normal, right? Backgrounds are NOT supposed to be this hard to do...RIGHT??
Hetalia meme by Yukai-yami
Hetalia meme
I HAD to do it XD

I saw yet ANOTHER one of these done and I couldn't help myself :3

1. Puerto Rico is NOT US property! It's true! We are an autonomous commonwealth, so TECNICALLY, I'm not American. But Ameriko's outfit is omega cute :3

2. Draw my fave character in somebody else's clothes? I couldn't resist~! XD And I must say, Canada is totally working that skirt! <3 I planned on drawing Russia dressed as Kaito perving in a corner like the lovable guy he is, but I think Kumajirou looks better, no?

3. I support CanadaxWorld, but my OTP HAS to be PruCan. I love how opposites attract with this couple.

4. My OC, Marimar del Coral, Puerto Rico. The sand come out pretty, right? ^^

5. PR's in enough shizz right now, muchas gracias que tengas un buen dia. With education going to shit, crimes going up, and now that new IVA thing, which is basically a 16% tax coming around... We normal middle class citizens just wanna party with our families and live normal lives, but we're getting screwed over like crazy :C

6. Make Pasta, Not War. We should all do the Francis and spread l'amour across the globe~! :iconfrenchsquealplz:

7. Canada in a Miku outfit AND Canako! I'm on a roll!!

8. Sober Prussia is dangerous enough~! X3
I only have one Hetalia-loving friend OTZ, so I tag everyone who has been invaded by Prussiko! (so basically, everyone in the world :)) Also, chibi-Doitsuko is SOOOOOO CUUUUTEEEEEEE~!!!!!! <3 XDDD


Devil Survivor Meme by Yukai-yami
Devil Survivor Meme
Im remaking various deviations. My memes aren't excluded, so here's the new (and hopefully improved) versión!

Mello-Drama-Reborn made this meme. Link here: mello-drama-reborn.deviantart.…
Let's get started! :D

1) My MC's a total badass~, named Hiro/Hero most of the time. Gathering Macca's like nobody's business and clearing every single route in the game...except Lucifer and the Evil Overlord path, but those are next in line!

2) Self explanatory.

3)I take the Auctions way too seriously. I'm always raising the bid until everyone drops out because I have SOME MUCH MACCA WHERE DOES IT COME FROM??? And I hate Lunch! He/she/it has taken my bids waayy too many times! And Hero's one I always bid against, win, then go "Take THAT! Not with MY name, biatch!!" XD

4) Every single replay is a breeze with Nyarlatotep. I probably mispelled his name. i tend to do that. i don't care he's the Main baddie in Persona 2, he's MINE NOW!

5) I don't know why so many people hate Yuzu because she whines. Hello? If you were in HER shoes, you'd be crying WAY more than she was, trust me. I really like Yuzu. I actually love her Overclocked ending. It's AWESOME! The normal ending for her was basically a bad ending, so I'm glad the overclocked versión seriously rocks!

6) MC x Naoya NEEDS MOAR LUV!!! Spread the love for this omega awesome couple~ :heart: I like it when the MC's feelings are obvious but Naoya's oblivious because really, he's too busy angsting against God to care about his brother's hormones XDDD

7) VIC. FREAKIN. MIGNOGNA. His voice. Hiiiis voiiiiiice. It calls me in and makes me drooooooooool~

8) Everytime the day comes when Midori's being all "ANIMU HEROINE LUV LUV BEAM!" it really gets on my nerves. I like how unique she is, I really do, but she's incredibly stubborn with a voice that constantly gives me headaches. And I get USED to her voice in the later days! I honestly don't know if her VA gets better or if my ears just get used or something! :/

9) Shoji's getting her camcorder and is totes gonna get the scoop on yoooooou <3


I own nothing!!


Puerto Rico
I know I'm not as experienced as half the other artists out there, but I take joy in knowing I'm getting there! :D Practice makes perfect!
All my drawings are scans except some photos OF drawings or a few failed attempts at Paint. I'm slowly progressing so my scans are first sketches, then traced with pen with the pencil erased so the clarity increases when scanned. I'm also trying to practice color with pencils. Take a peek at my gallery!

Edit: I got a tablet! I'm planning on using it almost always now and maybe update most of my old drawings made by pencil, so an old deviation might get beautified in the near future! ^^

Current Residence: Middle of Nowhere
Favourite genre of music: J-pop and Rock and Pop and Classical
Favourite photographer: umm...i dunno any...
Favourite style of art: Full color drawings! (Even though i can't do them myself...)
MP3 player of choice: I-phone
Wallpaper of choice: Theatrhythm Curtain Call
Favourite cartoon character: idk, i watch anime, not cartoons. But from back in the days, Buttercup or Johnny Bravo XD
Personal Quote: Oy Vei...(and several curse words in several languages...thank you Hetalia! XD)

If you're new or haven't been paying attention to my stuff, I got a drawing tablet some time ago. What does this mean? My drawings style's in for an evolution. I'm still only able to draw well IRL on paper, but I can edit and color my stuff digitally now, making it look prettier. This also means that my easygoing days of ignoring backgrounds is coming to an end as well...

Not particularly looking forward to that ^^;

Also, It's been three or more years since I wrote a new part for my fanfiction stories, mainly Arisato Chronicles and Unexpected Changes, so I'd like to get on that. I'm re-reading and correcting errors on my story to get me back in "the mood" so to speak. There's a TON of Persona games coming out to keep me interested in AC (Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth, Persona 4: Dancing all night, Persona 4 Arena 2, and Persona 5), but I'm gonna try and finally watch Beautiful World so I can write UC easier.


That's all for now. Have a nice day~ <3

  • Mood: Satisfied
  • Listening to: Mou yukai yukai yukai Tomaranaiya~!
  • Reading: My own fanfiction errors and typos
  • Watching: Sailor Moon, Hetalia Beautiful World, Cutie Honey
  • Playing: Phoenix Wrigth Dual Destiny
  • Eating: Chuletas y Tostones!!! &lt;3
  • Drinking: Cranberryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Juiceeeeeeeeeeee!!

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Kiku Honda: He got this email. He thought "What the heck? I can't even read engrish." He deleted it. And now, Kiku is dead.
Ivan Braginski: He received this while he was drinking vodka. He sent this to only 3 people. He blacked out. And when he woke up...someone drank the rest of his vodka.
Alfred F. Jones: He sent this to 5 people. Big mistake. The night Alfred was lying in his bed eating a hamburger and watching a movie. The clock shows '12:01am'. The T.V mysteriously flickered off and on, Alfred's bedroom lamp flashed on and off several times. It went pitch black, Alfred looked to the left of him and there he was, Prussia standing with a crotch cloth. With a yellow bird in his hand then disappeared. The biggest fright of Alfred's life. You must send this or it will happen to you!
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